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My Projects

In this page, you will see two lesson plans, one lesson slide, a digital reading room and a project introduction.

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Lesson Plan

The two consecutive lesson plans in this file are designed for practicing a grammar point learned in class. In these lesson plans, I integrated interpersonal and presentational activities to consolidate the usage of  vocabulary and the grammar points introduced in this chapter. 


Lesson Slide for Celebrating  Hispanic Heritage Month 

This is a lesson intended for celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. In this lesson, students will get to know several hispanic painters and learn how to appreciate their works. 

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Digital Reading Room

This is a digital reading room I co-designed with my friend Claudia. In this digital reading room, you will have a glimpse of  the books, videos, websites and songs which are meant to build an inclusive and diverse classroom. 


Cookbook Project

This project is designed for a chapter featuring food. By presenting the final product, students will showcase what they have learned from the chapter. While preparing for the project, students will go over the vocabulary and grammar points learned in this chapter. 

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